Damage loss waiver


If your insurance doesn’t cover rented equipment, we offer a Damager Loss Waiver (DLW) programme.

In the event of damage to or loss of equipment, DLW reduces your financial liability to whichever is cheaper of either;

  • 20% of the value of a replacement unit, or
  • the cost of repairs to rectify any damage

The cost of DLW is 20% of the total rental charges on your hire contract.

What is DLW?

DLW stands for “Damage Loss Waiver” and is a limited waiver of the renter’s obligation to pay for the repair or replacement of equipment that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed in certain circumstances when on rental. It is NOT insurance. Simply put, if you rent an item and elect to take DLW cover, your financial liability will be limited in the event of damage or loss.

Do I have to take DLW?

No. If you have your own insurance to cover “rented–in” equipment, DLW would not be required. In this instance, we will ask you to sign and return an “insurance disclaimer” form which states that you have your own cover and will be liable for all repair and replacement costs.

Is equipment covered by my general liability insurance policies?

Generally, no. Private or corporate liability insurance does not generally cover rented in equipment unless specifically stated in the policy. We advise that you check the details of your insurance policy(ies) to determine if you have cover in place for “rented-in” equipment.

How much does DLW cost?

DLW cover is charged at 20% of the prevailing rental rate for the applicable item(s) on the rental contract. For example, if you rent a thickness meter at £20 per day for 10 days, you would pay £40 in DLW charges.

Does DLW cover all eventualities relating to damage / loss?

No, there are certain exclusions, which are detailed in the policy document and should be read prior to any contract commencement.

What is the “DLW Deductible” amount?

This is the maximum amount we would charge you under a standard claim of our DLW programme and is set at 20% of the replacement cost of that equipment. For example, a thickness gauge costing £2000 has a deductible charge of £400.

Is DLW available on all rental contracts?

No, not all contracts. Cover is only available for certain geographic territories and may be refused depending on the application and associated risk profile. We will discuss this with you before your contract commences.

Are there any rental items that are not covered by DLW?

Yes, certain items are excluded from DLW cover; these tend to be items that are subject to a higher risk of damage or very fragile items. Items not covered by DLW will be noted on the rental quotation.

Can I apply for DLW after the start of the rental contract?

No, this is not possible.

Is DLW refundable?

No, DLW is not refundable in the event that it is either not used, or in cases where alternative company insurance is subsequently discovered.

What happens if I damage an item when on rental?

Firstly, please phone us and let us know the details. We will be able to evaluate whether you can continue using the equipment or more likely, how to send it back to us for evaluation. If the unit requires repair, we will send it away to the manufacturer and share the outcome of the inspection with you. Under a standard claim, if the cost of the repair is;

  • less than the “DLW deductible amount” we will issue you with an invoice to cover this cost;
  • more than the “DLW deductible amount” we will issue you with an invoice equivalent to the deductible amount

For example, a repair cost of £1800 for a flaw detector with a replacement value of £5000, we would issue an invoice for £1000 (i.e. 20% of £5000).

What happens if an item is stolen when on rental?

Firstly, you must notify us within 24 hours with a Police crime reference number. We will then send you a form which needs to be filled out and returned to us. A case file will then be opened and we will keep you informed of the progress and ask for additional information if required.Please note the above information is only relevant for rentals being managed by the UK Offices.

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