Gas & emissions monitoring


Ashtead Technology has distributor agreements in place with leading manufacturers RAE Systems (Honeywell), Inficon and Testo to supply an extensive range of gas and emissions monitoring equipment.

As a platinum distributor for Testo, you can purchase the Testo 350, Testo 340 and Testo 330 range from Ashtead. The analysers are built to measure emission output for industrial assets, such as engines, burners, boilers and gas turbines.

For dedicated methane detection, we have a preferred partnership in place with Inficon to supply the Inficon Irwin. The Inficon IRwin is a methane specific gas detector which can be used for a number of applications including natural gas network surveys, landfill surface emissions analysis and leak detection.

And as a certified distributor for RAE Systems (Honeywell), you can purchase their full range of gas monitoring equipment from Ashtead. Popular instruments include the MiniRAE 3000, the UltraRAE 3000, the AreaRAE Plus and the ToxiRAE. The units can support with critical gas applications including initial assessments and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance.

More information on the gas and emissions equipment available to purchase is listed below. Alternatively, please call our office on +44 (0)1462 679 020 or email to speak to a member of our team.

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