Ashtead Technology works with NHS Trusts across the United Kingdom to support with their environmental and health & safety equipment requirements.

With air quality monitoring and fit testing being of particular importance, our range provides accurate and reliable measurement data to demonstrate compliance with pollutant standards and alert should levels exceed the acceptable limits.

Renting this equipment is a viable option for organisations working with budget restrictions. The ability to rent eliminates initial investment cost required to purchase, ensures you only pay for instrumentation when you need it and removes any ongoing calibration and maintenance costs. Where suitable, equipment purchase is also an option.

By working with Ashtead you can meet all of your equipment requirements from one provider. This simplifies the purchasing process and can result in discounted rates being offered.

To discuss your requirements with a member of our team or to request a price list, please call the office on +44 (0) 1462 679 020 or email london@ashtead-instruments.com.

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