Dust control

Dust control in the workplace


Dust caused by cutting paving slab construction



  • how workers might be exposed to breathe in the substance and the effects of exposure
  • how often people work with the substance and for how long
  • anyone else who could be exposed – do not forget maintenance workers, contractors and other visitors or members of the public who could be exposed
  • what you’re already doing to control the risks
  • what further action you need to take to control the risks
  • who needs to carry out the action
  • when the action is needed by


Look at what you’re already doing, and the controls you already have in place. Ask yourself:

  • can I get rid of the hazard altogether?
  • if not, how can I control the risks so that harm is unlikely?

If you need further controls, consider:

  • redesigning the job
  • replacing the materials, machinery or process
  • organising your work to reduce exposure to the materials, machinery or process
  • identifying and implementing practical measures needed to work safely
  • providing personal protective equipment and making sure workers wear it


You must review the controls you have put in place to make sure they are working. You should also review them if:

  • they may no longer be effective
  • there are changes in the workplace that could lead to new risks such as changes to:
    • staff
    • a process
    • the substances or equipment used

Also consider a review if your workers have spotted any problems or there have been any accidents or near misses.

Update your risk assessment record with any changes you make.

The role of dust monitoring for dust control in the workplace

It is crucial to ensure that dust control measures are effective and comply with COSHH guidelines.

Dust exposure monitoring serves as a key role in checking this, and it can be conducted both indoors and outdoors to ensure safety.

Ashtead Technology provides personal air sampling pumps for compliance monitoring or laboratory identification and measurement of specific dust types such as RCS.

For ongoing monitoring, direct reading instruments that utilise optical techniques to measure different particulate fractions like the TSI SidePak and the DustTrak are ideal. Ashtead Technology offers these portable battery-powered instruments for both sale and rental.

Fixed units like the TSI DustTrak Environmental (DTE) or TSI BlueSky, are ideal for continuous outdoor applications and can also be used indoors.

The DTE fully complies with stringent MCERTS performance requirements and uses a cloud-based data management system that provides users with real-time data on dust levels and optional alerts.

The BlueSky air quality monitors are lightweight, easy to install, and affordable. They transmit real-time data to TSI Link Solutions, allowing for secure remote access 24/7. Multiple Bluesky monitors can be set up to create a network of sensors that provide accurate, real-time readings of air quality and dust on site.

Why partner with Ashtead Technology for your dust control equipment requirements?

Silica dusts pose a significant health risk, with a WEL of only 0.1 mg/m3 respirable dust on an 8-hour time weighted average. Ashtead Technology’s dust monitors are highly sensitive and capable of measuring these tiny particulates.

The equipment range includes monitors suitable for use in a workspace, as well as personal sampling equipment that can assess an individual’s exposure throughout an entire shift.

Whether for short or long-term projects, rental equipment is readily available with high stock levels and next-working day delivery, or same day collection if you are near enough to our Bedfordshire office. Purchase equipment is dispatched in line with manufacturer lead-times.

We prioritise investing in our fleet to provide you with the latest technology. Before delivery, all equipment undergoes thorough pre-hire checks to ensure they are in excellent working condition.

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