Total stations rental/hire

Total station rental/hire overview

Total station rental/hire from Ashtead Technology. Get it as soon as the same/next day at market-leading hire rates.

Extremely accurate and designed to improve workflow, the total stations offer an all-in-one solution for surveying tasks and provide horizontal angles, vertical angles and distance data to support measurement campaigns.

Ashtead Technology are members of The Survey Association (TSA) as a supplier of rental equipment to the survey and inspection industry.

Hiring equipment is ideal when your own is unavailable, or when you need more during peak demand. It is also an excellent way to try new technologies before committing to purchase, and it offers significant cost savings.

Further information on the equipment we offer for rental is available below. Alternatively, please call the team on +44 (0) 1462 679 020, email or complete this form to receive a copy of the environmental price list.

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