Survey equipment rental/hire

Survey equipment rental/hire

Survey equipment rental/hire from Ashtead Technology.

Ashtead Technology supports government organisations, private companies, and academic / research institutions that deploy geospatial technology. This technology is used for gathering, processing, mapping, analysing and distributing data tied to a particular location on earth.

Geospatial technologies include Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) & Positioning, Earth Observation, and Scanning.

Our range of land surveying equipment includes GNSS systems, levels, pipe lasers, scanning systems, total stations, and utility locators from leading manufacturers Leica, Trimble, Spectra and Radiodetection.

We also have an extensive range of standard and ATEX crawler cameras available to rent/hire for CCTV surveys and drain, pipeline, tank, void, cavity or conduit inspections.

Ashtead Technology are members of The Survey Association (TSA) as a supplier of rental equipment to the survey and inspection industry.

Hiring equipment is ideal when your own is unavailable, or when you need more during peak demand. It is also an excellent way to try new technologies before committing to purchase, and it offers significant cost savings.

Further information on the equipment we offer for rental is available below. Alternatively, please call the team on +44 (0) 1462 679 020, email or complete the form below to receive a copy of the environmental price list.


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