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If you need to replace your own monitoring equipment urgently or if you have a project you don’t have the right equipment available for, renting is a sensible option.

But what are the main benefits of renting/hiring to get the equipment you need?

1) Equipment rental = wider range of monitoring equipment to choose from

By renting/hiring equipment, you are generally given a wider range of equipment to choose from than if you were to purchase.

Your equipment supplier can talk you through the different types of equipment available to you that would suit your project requirements.

Renting also means that you get access to the latest up-to-date technology at a fraction of the cost, with the knowledge that you can increase your scope of work by having more of the correct type of equipment available to you with limited financial risk.

2) Equipment rental offers significant cost savings

Renting/hiring equipment also gives you the chance to try out equipment before you may commit to purchasing it, so there is no initial investment or use of your CapEx.

On top of this, a good equipment rental supplier will maintain and calibrate equipment on a regular basis, meaning there are no maintenance or calibration costs for you. There will also be no license fees, depreciation costs or storage costs for you to worry about.

You simply get a quote, agree to a contract period, get your equipment delivered to you (or you can collect it), then return it once the contract period is over. Simple.

3) Equipment rental is an easy way to replace out-of-action equipment

Renting is a great way to top up your equipment during peak demand when you need more equipment or your equipment is being used on other projects.

It can also reduce downtime while owned equipment is away for calibration or repair, ensuring that you can continue your projects with no sudden stops.

Renting is a much quicker way to receive equipment, which can have lead times from 6 to 8 weeks, whereas rental equipment can get to you from as soon as the next day depending on availability.

So, why should you rent/hire equipment from Ashtead Technology?

By working with Ashtead Technology, you get instant access to the latest technologies. We constantly invest in our fleet to ensure you always have access to the best and latest technologies available.

Equipment can be shipped for next-working day delivery or can be collected from our warehouse in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

We also offer flexible payment options where you can pay on account or via credit card. On top of this, discounted rates are available based on hire duration and quantity.

By renting from Ashtead Technology, you also gain access to in-house technical support for the duration of your rental.

Rent/hire equipment from Ashtead Technology

In our environmental division, you can rent environmental monitoring equipment to measure: air quality & dustgas & emissions, fit testingnoisevibrationtemperaturesoil and water.

You can also rent our remote visual inspection equipment (including videoscopes and wastewater drainage inspection cameras), land survey equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, and much more.

To find out more about our equipment or to speak with one of our experts, get in touch today by calling +44 (0)1462 679 020, email or complete this form to tell us your requirements.