Ashtead Technology develops remote dust & noise monitor

8 June 2021

Responding to a flurry of recent customer requests, Ashtead Technology has developed a remote monitoring solution for the continuous measurement of both noise and dust.

“These are two of the most important pollutants – especially at construction and demolition sites,” explains Senior Sales Manager Josh Thomas. “So it made sense to develop a single system that could accurately monitor both parameters simultaneously and deliver continuous data remotely. Our engineering team therefore developed a solution that combines the key advantages of two separate TSI technologies, and I am delighted to confirm that it is now available to all of our customers for rental or purchase.”

Dust and noise monitoring are required at sites where they present a potential hazard to site workers and the local community. Consequently, these monitors will be employed for health & safety purposes, in environmental investigations and in compliance with planning requirements stipulated in a site’s permit.

The TSI DustTrak & SoundPro remote dust and noise monitoring system is supplied in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure, complete with the EnviroNet software platform which enables users to access the data with any web-enabled device. This wireless, cloud-based management system provides secure access to data at any time from anywhere, and enables the configuration of text and email alerts when noise or dust levels meet user-set conditions.

The TSI DustTrak complies with the MCERTS performance standards for measuring PM2.5, PM10 and total PM across a broad range of 0 – 150mg/m3. The TSI Quest SoundPro offers class/type 2 noise monitoring with 1/3 Octave Band analysis.

The unit can be powered via mains, solar panels or leisure battery, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor monitoring requirements.

Summarising, Josh says: “This is a great example of Ashtead Technology responding to customer needs; utilising its experience and expertise to deliver a solution that will be ideal for a wide variety of applications.

“With this technology, our customers will be able to quickly and easily deploy the latest monitoring technology in almost any location, with immediate access to continuous data, which will reduce the requirement for site visits and save costs. However, the greatest benefit will be the confidence and assurance that the site is in compliance with noise and dust regulations.

For more information, visit the air quality & dust section of our website.

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