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International equipment rental and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology will be attending The Health & Safety Event in April 2022 with TSI Instruments, who they have worked with for over 15 years.

As a Gold Channel Partner with TSI, Ashtead Technology offers rental and purchase options for an extensive range of TSI’s advanced air quality & dust monitoring equipment. They will be showcasing this equipment range at the event, including the latest series of ventilation meters.

The importance of measuring air quality parameters in the workplace

On top of existing COSHH Regulations, the rise of COVID-19 has led to the Health & Safety Executive stressing that workplaces should be using NDIR monitors to identify poorly ventilated areas.

However, natural ventilation isn’t enough to improve indoor air quality. Poor ventilation is known to be only one of many contributing factors of poor air quality that can lead to issues such as Sick Building Syndrome, and that’s why monitors such as the TSI AirAssure™ and TSI IAQ-Calc™ 7545 can pick up on a range of parameters and not just CO2.

Airborne pollutants, low humidity and the presence of ozone are all contributing factors to bad air quality, and are much harder to identify unless measured with accurate equipment. On top of this, understanding what is happening outside of your buildings helps you to build up a full picture.

Josh Thomas, Ashtead Technology’s senior sales manager, says: “TSI AirAssure™ and BlueSky™ units can be used with TSI Link™, a cloud platform to enable even more remote monitoring features, to guide you in decision-making, and to tell a story of your building’s air quality from inside to outside.

“Staying informed with accurate and effective monitoring data by measuring air quality parameters means that you can make critical, informed decisions to maintain certain standards and identify safer working practices, reducing the risk of any potential infections or illnesses.”

Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the 6-channel BlueSky™ monitor employs a laser-based light scattering particle sensor. It is designed to simultaneously and continuously measure four particle mass concentrations as well as temperature and relative humidity.

The AirAssure™ 8144-4 measures formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and temperature/relative humidity, particulates and barometric pressure.

Smaller and handheld monitors are also available to rent or purchase from Ashtead Technology, such as the TSI Q-Trak™, TSI IAQ-Calc™, TSI DustTrak™ models and more.

Working in conjunction with TSI, Ashtead Technology offers maintenance and calibration services for the TSI range of air quality and dust monitoring equipment.

The benefits of equipment rental

Renting is a great way to top up your equipment during peak demand when you need more equipment or your equipment is being used on other projects.

Renting equipment can reduce downtime while owned equipment is away for calibration or repair, ensuring that your air quality monitoring tasks can continue with no sudden stops.

When booking your maintenance and calibrations through Ashtead Technology, you can easily obtain a rental replacement.

Renting equipment also means that you can get your hands on equipment from the same or next day, instead of lead times that can take weeks when purchasing.

Rent or purchase environmental, health & safety monitoring equipment from Ashtead Technology

Ashtead Technology’s dedicated sales and technical team can work with you to identify the best solution to meet your air quality & dust monitoring requirements, as well as a broad scope of environmental, health and safety monitoring applications.

For further information, visit, call 01462 679 020, and see them on stand 4/Q72 at The Health & Safety Event.